Hello and welcome to my art gallery - the world of abstract paintings.


My name is Aneta and since childhood I loved creative activities of all kinds.

I have studied University of Economics in Prague, worked in multinational companies and travelled around the world.

This sounded like a dream job and dream life - but I didn't feel that way, my inner child suffered.

So I decided to leave corporate world and started my own business.


But I still ran away from the computer to the painting - my painting journey started with painting precise landscapes and characters with oil colours and then watercolours. But during some time I discovered that I needed to take things more easily I fell in love with abstract painting.

Thanks to abstract painting I learn how to let go and flow without holding things tightly in my hands. I love to be lead by my intuition and momentum.


My paintings are about emotions, energy and its flow - sometimes peaceful and serene and sometimes wild and unrestrained.

My inspirations are my feelings, colours, nature and the mood of the day:)

I love experimenting and exploring new techniques, using mainly acrylics, inks and oil pastels.

All my paintings are unique originals.

I hope you will enjoy my paintings as much as I've enjoyed painting them!


With love,


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